Disclaimer: We thank you for your attempts to reach us. We must let you know that we will not reply or entertain all messages. We thank you for your understanding.


  • Can I get permission or license your titles and characters for use such as promoting, displaying on my website, sales, etc.?

    We do not allow individuals permission to use our characters for creative use or sales.

  • Can I send thoughts or opinions about animated works of Toei Animation?

    We thank you for your opinions. However, we would like you to understand that it is difficult for us to reply to every e-mail because there are a lot of opinions we receive.

  • I would like to post a video with footage from one of Toei Animation’s works on YouTube, personal websites, etc. Can I get your permission for that?

    We do not support any individual uploading long-form/full video content from any of our IP to streaming websites, personal websites and YouTube for any purposes regardless of the number of followers and validations. Please check all policies and guidelines on YouTube before including any footage from Toei Animation’s works in your video.

    We hope you understand that any illegal or unauthorized use of our IP would result in the blocking or deletion of your video.

  • I found possible irregular copyright infringement uploads of Toei Animation’s works. What should I do?

    Your reports to us are always greatly appreciated. We will take strict action against every legitimized issue.

  • I have proposals, ideas, or projects that I would like to send to Toei Animation.

    We do not accept any external versions of these items from any individuals. All items sent through this method will be deleted without opening and we will not assume any responsibility such as confidentiality obligations concerning the contents. We hope you understand.

  • I have an idea for a new animation. Can I send it?

    We do not accept any ideas about animated works. Even if you send it, we will discard the materials without considering or evaluating any content, and we will not assume any responsibility such as confidentiality obligations concerning the contents.

  • I would like to inquire about employment at Toei Animation.

    We post our jobs directly to online job boards for your convenience. Please refer to them for any openings, if there are no postings then there are no openings. This email does not review any job applications and will delete them without opening. Thank you.


  • Can we license your titles and character for our usage?

    Before you send a proposal to us, please note that we do not grant companies with no background in licensing permission to use our characters in any products, websites, etc.

  • We would like to request a License or Project Collaboration with Toei Animation.

    Please provide us with the following details:
    • Name, Company, Address, Telephone Number, Main Email Address
    • Any legal documents that need to be examined ahead of time (NDAs et al.)
    • Description of Service or Project
    • Term
    • Each territory that this license or project will be aimed for
    • Deadline
    • Additional Comments


  • We would like to request Giveaways, Donations, or Sponsorships from Toei Animation.

    We unfortunately do not entertain these requests. Any giveaways or special items are officially handled through our social media platforms, please subscribe to stay informed.
    We accept requests from organizations with a legitimate background. Please attach as much information as possible in your application so that we may review it as quickly as possible.
    We do accept applications for sponsorships for events and conventions. Please attach as much information as possible in your application so we may review it as quickly as possible.

  • We would like to organize a public or private screening of Toei Animation’s works.

    Regarding public screenings and private screenings, please provide in your email as much detail as possible so that we may vet the application as quickly as possible.

  • We are looking for Information on release dates, events, announcements, etc.

    All upcoming releases, events, announcements, et al. will all be done on our news section on the homepage, our official e-newsletter, and the Toei Animation social media channels. We will not be revealing any exclusive information outside of those sources. Please be sure to follow or subscribe to stay up to date.

  • Can I send you my own artworks of Toei Animation’s works?

    We appreciate if you would like share your fan art with us, please know that we love our fans. However, we cannot use or apply any fan-created pieces into our existing IP as it goes against our internal policies, we thank you for your understanding.

  • I have received copyright strikes on my channel. Can you remove it and help to restore my channel?

    Please note we do not allow the use of our characters or shows by any unlicensed party. If legal action has been taken against you for these reasons, we no longer take responsibility for ramifications regarding this action. We thank you for understanding.


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