TV Series

30 min. 86eps. 1963

Ken, the Wild Boy
When two wolves are saved by a boy named Ken, they call him the “Wolf Standing on Two Feet” and begin an adventure into the unknown jungle.

30min. 65eps. 1964

A Little Ninja, Fujimaru
In a turbulent age, there was a fight over an ancient material that described the procedures of conquering the world. The little Ninja Master, Fujimaru and a little girl named Midori encounter other Ninja Masters as they fight.

30min. 31eps. 1966

The Pirate Prince
A boy named Kyd grows up on a small island. When his father is recognized as the great pirate, Morgan, Kyd is put forward as a Captain Pirate. Adventure awaits Kyd, the Pirate Prince.

30min. 105eps. 1969

Tiger Mask
Tiger Mask, an unbeatable wrestler who always wears the mask of a tiger is a true friend to orphans. Nobody knows who he really is.

30min. 33eps. 1981

Tiger mask II
Space Mask appears in a wrestling ring and gives Shoji a terrible beating. Outraged by his brutality, Tiger Mask, who supposedly died years before, comes crushing on the floor to rescue him.

30min. 26eps. 1970

A Kick Fiend
Tadashi is a karate champ who had never lost until he fought against a kickboxer. After this decisive defeat, he devotes himself to kickboxing, which had not made it to his country yet.

30 min. 26eps. 1971

An Apache Baseball Team
After refusing to join a professional baseball team, Mr. Dojima becomes a high school baseball coach in a small village. Through baseball, he teaches his students the greatness of cooperation.

30 min. 22eps. 1971

Ryu, the Cave Boy
In a primitive age, a boy named Ryu grows up under the care of an anthropoid ape. He fights against a ferocious dinosaur with a friend and takes off on a journey in search of his real mother.

30 min. 21eps. 1976

Super Duch Hawk
Black Shadows, a dark organization, controls the auto-racing world. Using illegit ways in the races, they drive ferociously. The team of Saionji stands up to bring back clean and fair racing.

30min. 44eps. 1977

Grand Prix
Takaya stayed away from racing after his altered car flamed out just before the checkered flag but he once again tries to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a racer.

30min. 30eps. 1979

King Arthur
After his parents are killed by the Evil Lavic, Arthur is a contender to become King of all Britain. Arthur and his brave knights embark on a quest for the Holy Shield – the only hope to beat Lavic and unify the kingdom.

30min. 22eps. 1980

King Arthur Prince on a White Horse
In the second King Arthur series, Arthur conceals his true identity in order to defeat Ziking as he and his four new companions begin a journey of adventures.

30min. 35eps. 1980

Genki, the Boy Champ
Genki’s dream is to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a great boxer. Even though a budding boxer knocks him out and his grandparents are opposed to his dream, Genki decides to challenge himself in the professional boxing world.

30min. 137eps. 1983
+TVSP 73min. 1eps. 1984

Mr. Muscleman
Clumsy at everything, Mr. Muscleman is a super hero who battles evil fighters who disrupt peace in the universe. As he does, he becomes aware of justice and friendship and grows to become a true hero.

30min. 46eps 1991

Mr. Muscleman Scramble for the throne
The second Mr. Muscleman series finds Mr. Muscleman Prince of Muscle Planet. When five fighters demand to take his throne, Mr. Muscleman must win battles in order to keep it.

30min. 77eps. 2002

Mr. Muscleman Second Generation
After 28 years of peace, the evil fighters are back and they are ready to take over the world. Time has taken away the powers of the late fighters. The hope for peace lies on Mr. Muscleman II.

30min. 19eps. 1983

Little Big Nose
When Tenmaru, prince of the monster world accidentally releases 108 atrocious monsters into the human world, he and his sidekick must go to the human world to get them back.

30min. 47eps. 1984

Although Kenta appears to be a shy boy, he can actually transform himself into Wingman, the hero of justice. Despite his good intentions, he often ends up disturbing his class and being punished by his teacher.

30min. 152eps. 1984

Ken the Great Bear Fist
After his rival, Sin defeats him and deprives him of his sweetheart, Ken, who has the great bear fist, begins an endless journey of great battles to rescue her.

30min. 21eps. 1986

Silver Fang
After his father and grandfather are beaten by Red-Kabuto, a huge and vicious bear, Gin is bred as a bear hunting dog. To retaliate against Red-Kabuto, Gin embarks on a journey in search of comrades.

30min. 32eps. 1986

Hoping to become a full-fledged superman, Ikkiman joins the most popular Battleball (similar to baseball) team, the Blue Planets and a great showdown against the Satano Blackies unfolds.

30min. 75eps. 1987
+TVSP 47min. 1eps.1988

The world is divided into the angel world and the devil world and the two sides fight fiercely after Super Devil, the head of the devil world attempts to conquer the angel world.

30min. 72eps. 1989

New Bikkuriman
With the battle between angel and devil worlds finally over, there is peace around the world but when Angel Marco discovers that his world could be ruined in the near future, he must search the Holy Stone to save his world.

30min. 44eps. 1992

Super Phoenix
When Devil Zeus plots to plunge the whole world into darkness, Phoenix, the boy angel and his fellows collect “lithograph” in order to prevent the resurrection of the most furious devil, Zaikroids.

30min. 46eps. 2006

Happy Lucky Bikkuriman
When danger arrives in Matoba, the mysterious world between the white and black district, Big Lucky steps in.

30min. 23eps. 1987

Ninja Akakage
In turbulent times, Ninja Master Akakage and his fellow ninjas are sent to save a town using mysterious arts and magical powers to destroy an evil Ninja’s ambition.

30min. 35eps. 1988

Lomien Man
An expert of the Chinese martial art continues his journey of training with a pupil named Lomien Man. They fight against cruel men in each town they visit.

30min. 34eps. 1988

otoko juku
Otoko Juko is a school of extraordinary people. New to Otoko Juko, Momotaro and his colleagues refine their masculinity through harsh training and bullying.

30min. 46eps. 1991

The Great Adventure of Dai
The only human on a small island, Dai is raised by monsters. One day, they suddenly start to attack Dai.

30min. 45eps. 1993

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
In this occult series full of gags and comic action, Mikami’s ability, pay and looks are top quality in the ghost sweeper business, where fees are paid when ghosts are fought off.

30min. 101 eps. 1993 +TVSP 48 min. 1eps. 1994

Slam Dunk
Hanamichi, a high school boy with no basketball experience plays a game with the captain of a basketball team and wins. His basketball life begins and he and his teammates aim for victory.

30min. 58eps. 1993

Soccer team captain Kubo finds talent in Toshi, Kazu and Ken and makes them the main players of the team. Their goal is to compete in the National Championship but fate awaits Kubo…

30min. 13eps. 1994

Shinken Legend
18-year-old Taito is the strongest martial arts fighter. After he saves a man who has fallen into the sea, Taito is attacked by unknown men who are pursuing the rescued man.

30min. 50eps. 1995

Gulliver Boy
While Gulliver is imprisoned in a cell at a magic school, someone mysteriously calls to him and a his left hand obtains a unique power.

30min. 32eps. 2000

Mushra’s life is saved and he is given extraordinary powers to transform himself into a super fighter by a girl named Yakumo. The two embark on a journey in search of the legendary land in order to reveal the secret in the world.

30min. 27eps. 2003

In the dark alleys of Tokyo where street fighting has become the norm, rumors of the undefeated Airmaster spread through the streets. Who is Airmaster? What is Airmaster fighting for?

30min. 150eps. 2003

Gash Bell!!
With no memory of his past, Gash Bell learns that he is a demon sent to earth to fight other demon children for the crown of the king. Along with his human partner Kiyomaro, they begin their fight for a reason beyond the crown.

30min. 52eps. 2004

Beet the Vandel Buster
In a time when people are left in fear of the power of demons, Beet dreams of becoming a Vandel Buster, whose job is to fight off the demons and end the “Century of Darkness.”

30min. 25eps. 2005

Beet the Vandel Buster EXCELLION
Beet warriors aim for a new continent but are attacked by new enemies. Beet’s new adventure begins in Shantigo, the town they arrive at, where everyone can use “Tengeki.”

30min. 12eps. 2004

Ring Ni Kakero
Kiku and Ryuji take over their late father’s ambition of becoming a boxing champion. As his sister trains him, Ryuji progresses physically and mentally and he finally meets his destined rival, Jun.

30min. 12eps. 2006

Ring Ni Kakero US VS. JAPAN
When Ryuji’s ambition starts to go beyond borders, he aims to be world champion. Will Ryuji’s signature “Boomerang Hook” defeat the American Shaft’s “Black Screw”?

30min. 6eps. 2010

Ring Ni Kakero SHADOW
A shady boxing organization known as the Shadow Clan issues a written challenge to the Japan Jr. Team in order to carry out its agenda. Assassins await Ryuji when he enters the Shadow Clan’s tower in an attempt to rescue Kiku, who has been abducted. Thus begins the final showdown between the Golden Japan Jr. Team and the Shadow Clan.

30min. 6eps. 2011

Ring Ni Kakero World Tournament
As the curtain rises on the Junior Boxing World Tournament, a grand conflict unfolds between Ryuji’s team and champions from many nations. A life and death struggle begins, with the title of World’s Strongest on the line. Which country’s flag will end up flying higher than the rest?

30min. 39eps. 2007

Taichi Chaser
A young orphan, Rai is shocked to discover he is a secret descendent of the Tigeroids, an ancient race of peaceful beings who are locked in a struggle with the ruthless Dragonoids in a parallel universe. Both sides are in a race to recover 1,000 lost tai chi symbols, to possess the ultimate power to rule their realm.

30min. 144 eps. 2011
Toriko X One Piece #1, 51 (30 min 2011, 2012)
Toriko x One Piece xDragon Ball Z Kai #99 (30 min 2013)

During the Gourmet Age – an era in which the world is full of undiscovered ingredients and people seek out unknown and exquisite culinary delights, the Gourmet Hunter, Toriko travels the world to capture wild ingredients to complete the “Full Course Meal of Life.”

30min. 37eps. 2012

Driland Season 1
Because of someone who visited town when she was little, Princess Davina of the small land of Elua decides to become a hunter and search for hidden treasure all across Driland. Over the course of their journeys, Davina and friends learn that Driland is facing an unbelievable crisis. What does fate have in store for them?

30min. 51eps. 2013

Driland Season 2
After Davina’s journey to contain the Power of Darkness, a hunter named Gohdo appears to possess the power again. He menaces Driland and is eventually sealed away at the sacrifice of all hunters, who are also sealed away into Hunter Cards. A millennium later, as Gohdo plots his return, a boy named Hagan begins his adventure to dig out Hunter Cards.

30min. 73 eps. 2014
1st Season: 30min. 13 eps.
2nd Season: 30min. 12 eps.
3rd Season: 30min. 14 eps. 2021

World Trigger
Border Defence Agency was established to counter the attacks from the "Neighbors," beings from the other world possessing unknown forces. A low rank Border agent, Osamu Mikumo, teams up with a Neighbor, Yuma Kuga, and a childhood friend, Chika Amatori. They strive to win through the Rank Wars within the Border to be selected for the away squads to the "Neighborhood," the other world.

30min. 23eps. 2014

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro
A big, rowdy man named Matsutaro, with unusually high strength and a well-endowed physique finds himself living the life of a sumo wrestler.

30min. 38 eps. 2016

Tiger Mask W
The protagonists are two young pro wrestlers, Naoto Azuma and Takuma Fujii. Both were trainees of "Jipang Pro Wrestling," a small pro wrestling team, until it was crushed by the evil "Global Wrestling Monopoly (GWM)" team.

30min. 25 eps. 2018

Baku Tsuri Barcode-Hunter
Totta is second to none when it comes to fishing and his enthusiasm for it. One day, he obtains a mysterious gadget called a bar rod from within his father's grave. He catches big game from the sea stretching out inside barcodes, but when a gigantic catch leaps out of the note his father left to him, Totta sets out on a journey for even more big catches...!

30min. 100 eps. 2020

Dai lives with monsters on a small island in the Southern Seas. Dai is the only human on the island. He wants to become a hero. But his life is transformed when Hadlar, the Dark Lord, is resurrected. Young Dai begins his quest to become a true hero, and to save a world once again in crisis!

30min. 109eps. 1966

Sally, the Witch
The story of Sally, a little princess in the Magic Kingdom and her friends on Earth. Sally uses magic to help people but hides the fact that she is actually a witch.

30min. 88eps. 1989
+TVSP 48min. 46min. 2eps. 1990

Sally the Witch 2
Sally is back in the Magic Kingdom when a friend from the human world calls for help. She starts her life there again to save her friend and while using magic to solve problems, learns that there is more to life than magic.

30min. 94eps. 1969

The Secrets of Akkochan
Akkochan is a little girl whose adventure begins when her treasured mirror is found broken and she is given a miracle compact by a fairy.

30min. 61eps. 1988

The Secrets of Akkochan 2
In the second series, Akkochan and friends are joined by the Prince of the World of Mirrors. Akko does not know the Prince’s true identity and they quarrel often.

30min. 44eps. 1998

The Secrets of Akkochan 3
The third series features a new, transforming Akko and has more comedy and more fun!

30min. 48eps. 1970

Maco, the Mermaid
A mermaid named Maco falls in love with Akira and yearns for the human world but if she chooses to live in the human world, she must give up being a mermaid.

30min. 26eps. 1971

Sarutobi Ecchan
Ecchan is supernaturally athletic and can communicate with animals. She solves various types of problems with the animals and even bullies cannot stand against her.

30min. 39eps. 1972

Chappie, the Witch
Chappie, the little witch, her brother Jun and mischievous panda, Don come down to the human world and experience a lot more than they expected…

30min. 25eps. 1973

Limit-Chan is a Cyborg girl who normally goes to school as an ordinary girl but when there is trouble, she solves it by using cyborg power and her seven tools.

30min. 25eps. 1973

Cutey Honey
With the shout of “Honey Flash!” a girl transforms into Cutey Honey and changes into various costumes as she fights Panther Claw, an enemy who is after a device she holds.

30min. 39eps. 1997

Cutey Honey Flash
In the new series, Cutey Honey is joined by a mysterious handsome man who helps her and Misty Honey, a honey who turns against her – all while fighting to finds clues in the search for her lost father.

30min. 72eps. 1974

Megu, the Little Witch
When a little witch is nominated to be queen of the Magic Kingdom, she comes to the human world to practice self-discipline and through her many experiences, learns the beauty of the human heart.

30min. 50eps. 1979

Lulu the Flower Angel
When Lulu receives a letter from the King of Planet Flowerne on her twelfth birthday, she sets out on a journey in search of the rainbow colored flower he has asked for.

30min. 49eps. 1980

Lalabel, the Magical Girl
Lalabel, a witch who has fallen from the magic world to the human world lives with a generous old couple and through many experiences, discovers fascinating aspects of human beings and finds herself happy there.

10min. 44eps. 1998

Fun Fun Pharmacy
When Popri moves to town she discovers FUN FUN Pharmacy, a mysterious pharmacy run by a witch. Thus begin her magic practices.

30min. 51eps. 1999

Magical Do Re Mi
Doremi dreams of becoming a witch. One day, she meets a real witch and becomes a trainee. Doremi and two other witch trainees sell magical goods at the Magic Shop on their way to becoming real witches.

30min. 49eps. 2000

Magical Do Re Mi #
In the second Magical Doremi series, Doremi and her friends find a big flower while lost in the Magical World. When its bud opens, a baby cries out – and according to the magical rules, they must take care of the baby for an entire year.

30min. 50eps. 2001

Magical Do Re Mi 3
In the third series, Doremi and friends are witch trainees who bake sweets, even though they know nothing about cooking. A more experienced girl joins them to help them pass the pastry-baking test.

30min. 51eps. 2002

Magical Do Re Mi 4
In this season of Magical Doremi, Hana, who was raised by Doremi in the second season, comes back as her classmate. Now, there’s no telling what will happen to their school life!

30min. 13eps. 2004

Magical Do Re Mi 5
After more than a year of silence, Doremi returns, revealing unknown secrets for the first time!

30min. 44eps. 1999

Jeanne, the Kamikaze Thief
Ordinary high school girl, Maron is actually a thief named Jeanne who collects bad souls hidden in works of art. As she discovers love, Jeanne finds her life complicated by the police and rival thief, Sinbad.

30min. 26eps. 1965

Hustle Punch
A bear "Punch", a mouse "Touch" and a weasel "Bun" are three goofy friends. But they are the ones who save the town from a wolf named "Dr. Garigari" who is always causing trouble.

30min. 26eps. 1967

Pyun Pyun Maru
Ninja Pyun Pyun-Maru and his brother Chibi-Maru work at an anything-goes office and solve unexpected problems caused by other ninjas.

30min. 26eps. 1968

Akane is a country girl who is new to a prestigious school. Everyone likes her, including Hidemaro, an arrogant rich boy. With everyone’s help, Akane solves problems that come their way.

30min. 90eps. 1969

Furious Ataro
Ataro takes over his late father’s shop with the help of his friend, Dekoppachi but the town’s funny bullies poke their noses in on Ataro and wreak havoc.

30min. 34eps. 1990

Furious Ataro 2
In the second series, Ataro and his friends return. Adding to the fun, the town’s popular shop master, Ataro is joined by the pig family and a talking cat.

30min. 298eps. 1975
+TVSP 48min. 2eps. 1979 1980

No one is better at using their wits than Ikkyu, a smart little monk. Greedy merchants and wry shoguns throw him many difficult questions but Ikkyu’s wits are unbeatable.

30min. 242 eps. 1981
+TVSP 54min. 1eps 1981 / 47min. 1eps. 1982

Dr.Slump -Arale-
Arale, a super-powered robot girl continuously gets into comic foibles in Penguin Village. Along with Senbei – the Dr. Slump who invented her, Arale’s friends round out the funny cast of characters.

30min. 74eps. 1997
+TVSP 43min. 1eps. 1998

In the new series, Dr. Slump returns with an all-new character design and no one can stop the fun!

30min. 54eps. 1982

Super Gal Asari
When energetic fourth grader Asari and her sister – a sixth grader at the top of her class argue over the smallest things, only their mother can stop them.

30min. 49eps. 1982

This spy comedy finds Patalliro, an extraordinary 10-year-old boy, King of the Malinella. He and the good looking secret agents make for a spectacular show.

30min. 35eps. 1983

Stop!! Hibari!!
Yuusaku lives with the Ozoras and their beautiful daughters. One of the, Hibari teases Yuusaku a lot because she likes him but Hibari is not what she appears to be…

30min. 50eps. 1984

Gu-gu Ganmo
Ganmo, a hefty and gluttonous birdlike creature suffers from a bad reputation. Every time he tries to clear his name, his efforts only cause more trouble.

30min. 26eps. 1985
+TVSP 43min.1eps.1985

Modern Kids
In a hilarious future world where daily life is filled with dreamy images of jets and flying houses, Jr. is an eight year old teacher whose students include babies and adults.

30min. 59eps. 1989

Mr. Kariage appears to be nothing more than an ordinary businessman but he is constantly imagining how he might trick people. Anyone can become his target, even the CEO of his company.

30min. 87eps. 1990

Magical Taluluto
Ordinary schoolboy Honmaru’s life changes when Taluluto, a cute little magician pops out of his father’s picture book. While Talututo can make Honmaru’s every wish come true, things don’t always go smoothly…

30min. 54 eps. 1991

Goldfish Forecast
School never seems to be at peace in the country town super energetic Wapiko lives in. When a new student from the city brings her pink goldfish to school with her, the class is noisier than ever!

5min. 60eps. 1997

Azumi Mamma Mia
A prospective witch, a kindergartner who acts middle-aged, an innocent but incompetent pretty devil and a genius dog who understands human speech come together for non-stop slapstick comedy.

5min. 70eps. 1997

I'm Hani Taro
Yoshio finds the clay figure Hani Taro in a curry sauceboat and soon discovers that Hani Taro’s love of mischief leaves people angry with him instead.

10min. 42eps. 1998

A bit goofy, 10-year-old Miiko is still a positive minded girl. With her lovely family, her boyfriend, Ryuhei and her good friends, she grows up day by day while living an ordinary life.

5min. 42eps. 1998

A sleepy frog teaches at a strange school on a tropical island. The students include a modest puppy and a strange girl. One day, a funny octopus who dances mambo falls from the sky.

30min. 37eps. 2002

Tsuri Baka Nisshi
Labeled a “bad employee” by his boss, Hama’s love of fishing continues to thrive and that may just be what every workplace needs.s

30min. 76eps. 2003

Bobobo-bo bo-bobo
When the earth is ruled by the evil Marugarita, their “hair hunting” results in all human heads being shaved smooth. During these dark times, BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo rises up to save the world – and its hair!

5min. 30eps. 2009

Keihin kazoku
Proud, middle-aged Totsugawa works at a small ad agency. He has a crush on a coworker and mourns the fact that his wife’s income is much higher than his. His life becomes even more complex when he’s chosen as the union leader of his apartment building.

90sec. 12eps. 2023

The main character "Bozu", a boy with a shaved head, his partner "Inu" and various creatures appear in each episode. "Bozu" wants to become a ikimono (an animal) and "Inu" wants to make it come true. Welcome to the mysterious and pleasant world of "Ikimono-san"!

30min. 44eps. 1965

Space Kid Jun
While traveling in outer space with his parents, Jun and his family have an unexpected accident and the people of the planet Hoppa save his life by making him a cyborg. He later joins the Space Patrol.

30min. 48eps. 1966

Robin in the Rainbow Troops
Raised by his father’s six robots, Robin gets help from robots to battle invaders from the planet Palta to save his parents – and Earth itself.

30min. 26eps. 1968

Cyborg 009
Joe, codenamed Cyborg 009 has acceleration powers. Along with Cyborg 007, who has metamorphosis powers and seven more cyborgs – each with a different power, Joe fights against an enemy who jeopardizes peace on earth.

30min. 92eps. 1972

Mazinger Z
Kabuto Koji operates the Mazinger Z, a superior mechanical robot with many super scientific arms. Together they must prevent Dr. Hell and his robots from conquering the earth.

30min. 56eps. 1974

Great Mazinger
In the second Mazinger Z series, orphaned Tetsuya takes Koji’s place aboard the Great Mazinger and fights for world peace.

30min. 39eps. 1973

Babil II
After inheriting the supernatural power of BABIL I, who was cast away 5,000 years ago, Koichi battles the ambitious Yomi, who has inherited the same power.

30min. 26eps. 1973

Microid S
Gidron is an organized colony of extraordinarily advanced ants, who have a higher intellectual power than that of man. They turned three kids into micro insects. The kids tried to reveal the existence of the Gidron to the people but...

30min. 51eps. 1974

Getta Robot
As Dinosaur Empire robots attack the institute, Ryo goes to his friends for help. When they board their machines and band together, they transform into a powerful robot named Getta.

30min. 39eps. 1975

Getta Robot G
Getta Robot G makes a day and night effort to fight the Pandemonium Empire’s army. To defend the earth, he transforms into three robot forms: Getta Dragon, Getta Liger and Getta Poseidon.

30min. 50eps. 1991

In the year 200X, Earth is at peace until Professor Rando declares war against the entire world. Only the robot designed specifically for space can defend against Rando’s robots.

30min. 74eps. 1975

With an attack from outer space imminent, Daisuke boards the Grendizer to protect Earth. We learn that he was actually the Prince of a planet that was destroyed by the very same aliens.

30min. 46eps. 1975

Hiroshi, a cyborg collects robotic parts and becomes Jeeg – a robot with magnetic powers. Jeeg increases strength by exchanging his body parts with stronger ones and stands to protect peace.

30min. 44eps. 1976

When Professor Daimonji learns that Earth is in danger of invasion by aliens from Planet Zela, he summons those with Psi powers to control robots he created. Sanshiro is chosen to control the Giking.

30min. 39eps. 2005

13-year-old Daiya Tsuwabuki suddenly becomes the pilot of Gaiking, a powerful robot launched from Daikumaryu. Now the battle for Earth – and Daiya’s adventure begins.

30min. 39eps. 1976

Aliens from the planet Izal invade Earth but Professor Kagetsu has developed a magnetic robot called Ga-Keen. When Kagetsu’s daughter and Takeru combine their powers, they transform into the great Ga-Keen.

30min. 27eps. 1977

Dr. Yamanoue devotes himself to assembling the android robot Jet Mars. Once he sets the electronic brain, Jet Mars, through many experiences learns to cry and perform an act of kindness.

30min. 56eps. 1977

General Doppler, who aims to control the Planet of Hope, destroys the Promete Projects and launches an attack on the planning base. Takuma fights bravely against the attacking Doppler force.

30min. 31eps. 1977

Mac and four other kids with Psi powers protect the earth from the intruder Golteus by using their powers to control Gotleus’s robot, Balatack.

30min. 42eps. 1978

Mac and four other kids with Psi powers protect the earth from the intruder Golteus by using their powers to control Gotleus’s robot, Balatack.

30min. 73eps. 1978

En route to the recovery of the Great Planet, Aurora, princess of the moon meets three wild cyborgs that become her knights and protect her from the space monster.

30min. 113eps. 1978
+TVSP 94min. 2eps. 1979 1980 48min. 1eps. 1980

A boy named Tetsuro rides the Galaxy Express 999 with Maetel, a mysterious woman. Together, they embark on a journey to a planet in infinite space for a free machine body.

30min. 52eps. 1978
+TVSP 58min. 1eps. 1978

Genius scientist, Cartis Newton, a.k.a. Captain Future and his crew step into action for the sake of peace and justice in the universe.

40min. 3eps. 2004

After a strange encounter with a beautiful and mysterious girl named Aya, Naoya's world changes to where illusion and reality coexist as one. He begins to confuse reality from dreams, doubt his past and his very existence itself.

30min. 12eps. 2005

4,000 years after leaving Earth to inhabit interplanetary space, the planet nations find themselves battling unknown enemies called Gnosis – with the future of the human race at stake.

30min. 12eps. 2006

In the 36th century, Earth has become separated from the moon and all humanity is forced to live on desolate land. Tokito lives an ordinary life on the desolate planet but his life changes when he meets a beautiful and mysterious girl.

10min. 9eps. 2014

At the Photon Power Institute, Team Z: Z-chan (Mazinger Z), Gre-chan (Great Mazinger) and Grenda-chan (Glendizer) promotes photon energy. While they do, Baron Ashura and her minions commit evil activities on their quest for world conquest.

10min. 6eps. 2015

With the Subterranean Empire making a comeback, Nerima is in a tight spot once again. New enemies are on hand and outrageous battles begin. As the situation grows increasingly tense, the countdown to the Nerima Purge begins.

15min. 3eps. 2018

Something has awakened in a new world, but is it a god or a devil...? In the distant future, Nerima has been completely reduced to ruins. At the base of the Photon Light Institute that is now overgrown with vegetation, in a corner of a now economically depressed Photon Energy Town, live Z-chan and Gre-chan -- just the town of them.

30min. 52eps. 2014

Ordinary high school student, Shogo Ryujin finds himself under attack by enemies called Dark Bones. With Earth’s fate in their hands, Shago and his friends use Bone Cards to transform into Bone Fighters and defend Earth.

30min. 14eps. 2017

Kado: The Right Answer
The plane carrying Shindo and 405 others is taken, whole and undamaged, inside the giant structure that suddenly appears on the runway of Haneda Airport. A man, who looks like an ordinary human being shows up from inside. What is this young man's goal?

30min. 6eps. 2017

Augmented Reality Girls Trinary
A mysterious event known as Phenomenon happens frequently in the metropolis of Tokyo. Trinary was formed in order to combat the situation and all of its members are girls with special abilities.

30min. 65eps. 1968

Kitaro, a monster with a strong sense of justice receives letters from people crying out for help. Kitaro fights monsters to solve these problems.

30min. 45eps. 1971

In the second series, Kitaro and his father face off against monsters associated with pollution and other social issues.

30min. 115eps. 1985

In the third series, decay of the environment and a lack of humanity make the monsters go wild. Kitaro and his father fight against them with the help of Yumeko, a human girl who cares for Kitaro.

30min. 114eps. 1996

An era of peace ends suddenly with the breaking of the rule between human and monster. Kitaro stands up against the angry monsters to return the world to peace and normalcy.

30min. 100eps. 2007

If something strange and mysterious happens, it must be caused by monsters. Some are completely vicious, with no understanding of humanity. Kitaro and friends once again fight monsters to keep the peace.

30min. 97 eps. 2018

Nearly twenty years into the 21st century, people have forgotten the existence of Yōkai. When a number of unexplainable phenomena plague adults of the human world with confusion and chaos, thirteen-year-old Mana writes a letter to the Yōkai Post in search of answers, to soon be greeted by GeGeGe no Kitarō.

30min. 11eps. 2008

In the 1950s, with Japan growing rapidly, there are many people suffering at the bottom of a society where a select few become very rich. Born in a cemetery, Hakaba Kitaro is the last member of the monster families. Kitaro laughs off human silliness and blesses lives with philosophy.

30min. 39eps. 1972

With the world about to fall under the control of King of Evil, Devilman, who was once on Evil’s side, falls in love with a girl and fights against Evil to protect the people.

30min. 25eps. 1973

Enma, Yukiko and Kapael are patrols tasked with ensuring monsters do not break Hell’s law in the human world. They fight trouble-making monster after monster while facing Count Dracula’s harassment.

30min. 42eps. 1989

“Devil Boy” Shingo immerses himself in the study of magic arts in order to find allies to help forge a world where human beings and demons can coexist in peace.

30min. 48eps. 1996
+OVA 24min. 2eps. 1998/40min. 1eps. 1999

Known as Nube, Meisuke Nueno is a new teacher at the elementary school. He has an Ogre Hand, which he uses to destroy monsters and protects his students.

30min. 148eps. 1997
+TVSP 47min. 1eps. 1997/60min. 2eps. 2007

Kindaichi is a funny but lazy high school boy but when trouble hits, he shows his true talents as the highly intelligent grandson of one of the world’s most famous detectives.

30min. 25eps. 2014

High school student Hajime Kindaichi is always a joker and a little lazy but once a case comes up he’ll solve the mystery like he’s cutting a Gordian knot. In reality, Hajime is the grandson of a legendary detective.

30min. 23eps. 2015
+TVSP 60min. 1eps. 2015

High school student Hajime Kindaichi is always a joker and a little lazy but once a case comes up he’ll solve the mystery like he’s cutting a Gordian knot. In reality, Hajime is the grandson of a legendary detective.

30min. 11eps. 2006

In this collection of short stories based on classic Japanese horror, themes often delve deeply into love and hate, ghosts and spirits, and passions and grudges.

30min. 12eps. 2007

A mysterious merchant known as the Medicine Seller yields a sword with the power to strike down Mononoke (classic Japanese ghosts) born from people’s karma and fate. Everywhere the Medicine Seller goes, he encounters various Mononoke needing to be exorcised.

30min. 23eps. 2009

In this collection of scary stories from all eras, Sho, a handsome young boy is transferred to Ako’s class and asks her to take him to the old, abandoned Thriller Restaurant, where fear is on the menu.

30min. 47eps. 1981

Sandybell travels all across the country in the hopes of becoming a journalist and find the mother she never met, as well as her boyfriend, Mark, who left on a journey.

30min. 95eps. 1982
+TVSP 58min. 1eps. 1978

When the very tall Naomi falls in love with transfer student, Shunsuke, they become a well-known couple at school since he is so short and she so tall.

30min. 42eps. 1983

Satomi makes a bombshell announcement when he declares his love for Yakko. She doesn’t mind but still hesitates as she is starting to have feelings for Goh.

30min. 45eps. 1985

Junior high student, Jun likes to build robots. When she falls madly in love with Zero, she tries to attract his attention by showing her talent but it usually ends up a mess.

30min. 21eps. 1987

Meeting her father for the first time at the age of five, Lynn starts a new life with him. She aspires to become a true lady, despite the teasing she receives from the noble society.

30min. 36eps. 1988

In the second Lady Lady!! series, Lynn strives to receive the Lady Quest honor, which is awarded to the most sophisticated lady at her school each year.

30min. 76eps. 1994

A bright girl in her second year of high school, Miki chats with friends, plays tennis and fully enjoys high school life. One day, a smart boy transfers to her school and her love begins.

30min. 50eps. 1995

Mikako, who studies at a high school for the arts, dreams of becoming a fashion designer with her own business. She worries what might happen when her close friendship with her neighbor, Tsutomu blossoms into something more.

30min. 51eps. 1996

Four handsome boys known as F4 rule the snobby school Tsukushi attends. Things take a turn when one of the F4 falls in love with her but she falls for a different F4 boy, resulting in a love triangle.

30min. 22eps. 1998

When Tasuke, a high school student who lives alone receives a strange present from his father, who is abroad, he discovers it contains Moon Guardian, Shao who works hard to protect him and gradually, they begin to love each other.

30min. 13eps. 2002

After seven years, Yuichi returns to the snowy town he once lived in but cannot recall any memories of the time spent. The next day, he meets a girl with a mysterious backpack.

30min. 50eps. 2003

Raised an orphan, Nadja learns that her mother may still be alive but a brooch, a diary and a dress are the only clues she has to find her.

30min. 6eps. 2005

Asha befriends a mysterious girl at school, Iyra, who seems to trigger curious happenings, and each time there is a man dressed in black for her rescue. Asaha starts to wonder if Iriya is destined for something unknown...

30min. 13eps. 2006

Samataro is a feckless high school student whose parents are “Gods,” who regularly perform miracles on his behalf. One day, he decides to go after a mysterious girl, Kumiko without his parents’ miracles.

30min. 24eps. 2007

LOVE♥COM lovely complex
A 172cm girl Risa Koizumi and a 156cm boy Atushi Otani have a complex about their heights. They are always quarreling, but seem so comical that they're known as a comedy duo in the class. As they start to get to know each other, Risa begins to be attracted to Otani.

30min. 50eps. 1984

Little Memole is from a village of tiny fairies who believe that humans are vicious. One day, she meets Mariel, a human girl and realizes that human beings can be their friends.

30min. 52eps. 1986

When Patty, a fine bright girl rabbit moves to Maple Town, a peaceful town inhabited by assorted animals, the heart-warming story of Patty and town’s animals begins.

30min. 44eps. 1987

Having always lived in Maple Town, in the countryside, Patty Rabbit, who dreams of becoming a nurse, transfers to her Aunt Jane’s hospital in the modern seaside city of Palm Town and discovers it’s a place full of novel things.

30min. 26eps. 1995

This series features 26 widely known fairy tales, including Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and more!

30min. 70eps. 1997

Princess Silver is cute but her 12 bad habits always cause trouble for the 12 Ministers of Crayon. When a boy turns the king and queen into stone on her twelfth birthday, Silver begins her journey to save her parents.

5min. 45eps. 1998

Maro, the third child in the Haruba family is a ghost but there’s no reason to be scared. He’s a helpful and friendly ghost and his monster friends are also nice.

5min. 65eps. 2000

New in town, patrol car Pattle and his partner, Hajime make a funny fuss in Sunflower Town, where everything is new and interesting.

30min. 61eps. 2001

Third grader Nono’s family story is typical but her family members and their dog are unique – making for an enjoyable domestic lifestyle.

30min. 50eps. 2007

These special hamsters pass an examination to obtain a badge that gives them the ability to transform into Meister Hamsters, who secretly take part in various jobs and help people – and have the ability to speak human languages. No one but their own keepers know their secret.

30min. 141eps. 2008

Based on a blog by a comic writer, this series follows her daily life as the mother of three cheerful daughters: Fuu, Suu and Chii.

30min. 48eps. 2008

Asataro, who was born in a field of onion started on his journey to see around the world and to search for his father. Along the way, he meets various kinds of people and solves their problems with his companions, Nikichi and Komomo.

30min. 40eps. 2009

Marika, a junior high student who wears gothic and Lolita fashions moves to a mysterious town where every resident is a famous scientist. Galileo lives next door to her and Newton has a part time job at a vegetable store. As she spends time with them, she gradually develops an interest in science.

5min. 30eps. 2010

MARIE & GALI ver. 2.0
In the second series, the new girl in town, Norika hates science more than Marika ever did. If her teddy bear goes on a rampage on behalf of Norika, the town is doomed. Galileo arranges for Marika to give Norika a crash course in science. With this, calm and collected Marika and hotheaded Norika’s journey of scientific discovery begins.

9 min. 0+52 eps. 2020 (in production)

The Supernatural Sweet Shop
A mysterious sweet shop, to which only fortunate people can find their way. The way it sits there, tucked away down a narrow alley, it's as if it'shiding itself from the shopping district. "Has there always been a sweet shop down there..?" In the shopfront, you'll find an array of many captivating sweets. "What could it be that troubles you?" Whichever sweet is recommended by the owner, Beniko, it's a perfect fit for that particular customer. But if you use it or eat it the wrong way...

20 min. 39+ eps. 2018 (in production)

Butt Detective
He's chivalrous, cunning, and his looks are anything "butt"... Meet Butt Detective, a gentleman whose catch phrase is, "Hmm...I smell a case." Every day, he poots the big city's cases to rest. Join Butt Detective and his cast of funny allies as they solve mysteries together.

30min. 20eps. 2000

Boshu defeats Tetsuya at mahjong and teaches him the “power,” which is a key tip to winning the game. Mahjong is the only way to express their identity and Tetsuya dedicates his life to playing mahjong professionally.

30min. 10eps. 2006

Kyo and Asu are two sisters living on their own. Though they may be poor, the girls find happiness in their lives because their best fourtune is having each other.

30min. 13eps. 2013

In a "mirror city" that is Kyoto and yet not Kyoto, where humans, monsters and robots all live, 14-year-old Koto searches for her mother. She encounters a monk named Myoe who's waiting for his father to return. Family and the mirror itself are at stake as this action fantasy unfolds.

26min. 1ep. 2015

In 22XX, humanity has extended its habitat beyond the earth. At a spacecraft bar, a traveler, Edward, meets Sakura. She teaches him about Sake and they become close friends through conversation, promising to meet again on Earth.